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good day

Well like the subject says today was a good day, i had been sick but got to work and noticed a check in my box for my first half of the bonus.  which is SWEET and totally at the perfect time.

Now lets see.. work consumes my days becuase i work 12 hr shifts and listen to some very interesting people call and let me just tell you some people just...dont have emergencies ;)

Michael has had a good day only that we got another medical bill in the mail... :( depressing... from all the meds he has to take and nebulizers and checkups its just so expensive :( i wish there were better ways of managing...like maybe ummm a CURE? ya that would be a god send...just saying

I just wish he could BREATHE, i always wonder what the future will bring him and I...i always catch myself thinking, what if?...what if he gets seriously ill and looses even more lung capacity? what if he doesnt grow old with me?..what if him and i can't have children becuase invetro is to effin expensive?...

But think i think to myself...why live with what ifs? just live in the day ;live in the now and let the times unfold...right?

well its bedtime sadly so thats all for tonight!