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First off...i hate being sick and secondly there may be typos and not very good gramar on my post but i really don't care today :)

I woke up frustrated becuase i was visiting my bathroom and throwin my guts into the toilet...(to graphic?)...i would much rather be at work making money... i find it funny that the man with cf sometimes has a stronger immune system than i do :(. But again i woke up to him hunched over coughing so hard but you could tell the mucus was just stuck in his throat which then caused him to gag :(.

Speaking of cystic fibrosis...its SO HARD to get anyone around here where i live to give a rats a$$ about this disease, i've been trying to think of ways to make a difference around here but it just is a dead end...I dont have alot of money, im defiantely not on the rich side of the totempole. But damn its just frustrated and makes me depressed sometimes.

Anyone else have this problem?????

Ugh i should probably go lay back down..fever and chills..so lovely.. maybe ill dream about a way to make a cf cure? :) i can dream...